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New to Texas? Helpful links!

I work with a lot of people who are relocating ( en masse!) from other states to the State of Texas.  In any relocation situation, anywhere,  be it from one town to another, one county to the other, one state to the other, there is a learning curve on how things are done and where to get them done.  And here in Texas the old adage “when is Rome do as the Romans do fits”, just substitute Texas!  Things are different here!  But wonderful.  This is just a short list of links to help newcomers or people who are considering a move to Texas a way to see some basic resources, how to license your vehicles, information on each of the 254 counties in Texas, the basics on ground water law,  an overview of Open Range laws and fencing,  a way to research and choose your power company, information on the Texas infamous stock tanks, and  a place to check to see if there is a burn ban on in your County in Texas.

I know there is so much more to share with “newbies”.  As an Accredited Buyers Agent that is one of the things I try to do as we are out looking at Texas properties for sale.  I carry a Big Blue Book that has lots of information in it that my Clients can browse through as we drive from appointment to appointment.  If I don’t know an answer to a questions I will most certainly point Buyers in the right direction to research it!

Hope you find this little list helpful!  Please consider contacting me if you are looking to buy or sell real estate in the counties that fall in between the Texas Cities of Austin, Houston, and San Antonio!  I would be honored to help you!

Texas Department of Motor Vehicles – “New to Texas” information.

Texas Association of Counties – List of County Websites

Texas Agriculture Law Blog – Basics of Ground Water Law

Texas Agriculture Law Blog – Open Range….or Not Part 1

Power to Choose – unbiased electric choice website of the Public Utility Commission of Texas

Texas Monthly – Texas Primer – The Stock Tank

Texas Forest Service – Burn Bans

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