Smithville has a Bark Park!

This weekend I took my dog Edsel with me to change out some real estate signs and put out some flyers and we made a slight detour in to Smithville to see the new Bark Park. We have been to the Bark Parks in Bastrop and the one on Riverside in Central Austin and enjoyed them both. Smithville has done a great job and their Bark Park is really nice and user friendly!

The Smithville Bark Park is located across the street from the Skate Park and right behind the community center is has a section for small dogs and larger dogs. There is an agility course in each section as well as nice water and “poop” stations. Young trees have been planted which will provide lovely shade for the summer months and there is a picnic bench with umbrella too!

My husband and I have had quite a few dogs over the years that have always been a part of our family! There are benefits as well as challenges in dog ownership! I know many of you dog owners understand what I mean! If you are looking to Buy or Sell real estate as a dog owner and want to work with a Realtor who understands please contact me, I would love to help you!

Take a peek at this short video I prepared and see how nice the Smithville Bark Park is!

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