String Prairie Texas

String Prairie Texas is located on Highway 304 south of Bastrop, north of Harwood, and west of Lockhart.  String Prairie was a settlement even prior to the Civil War.  The rolling land and natural tree cover offered opportunities for farms and ranches, timber, and hunting.

A little history on String Prairie, it wasn’t until the late 1890’s that there was postal service.  String Prairie did get a store about that time and from what I have learned is was located on what is now being referred to as the ” Wilhelm Home Place”.  The hub of social life in String Prairie was the St. Mary’s catholic church and when added the local  Community Center.

Now days Sting Prairie is a great location  “in between” Austin, San Antonio, and Houston.  Many Houstonites have bought larger ranches in the area as recreational/getaway properties that they flock to in the heat of the summer.  There are rural residential properties on a few acres that are nestled here and there but generally you will find farms and ranches that are 10 to 400 acres or greater.  Residents  and local farms and ranches raise cattle, grow hay, raise exotics, have horses, grow organics in the surrounding area.

For shopping the nearest towns are Bastrop and Lockhart. Both of these Texas towns have been growing.  Bastrop has Box stores that offer big city convenience shopping, Lockhart is a bit smaller but has it’s own charm.

Yesterday I was out at the old historic Ott house that sits on the Wilhelm Home Place with one of the many remaining family members who still live in the area with great, great, great aunts, uncles, grand children of the families that first called this area their home.  While I was out there learning more about String Prairie and the local history I took a few pictures featured below of the area.

If you would like to learn more about real estate that is for sale in String Prairie or if you are considering selling your real estate in String Prairie please give me a call , I would love to help you!  Deb 512-743-0516.

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