What is on the market with an actual horse barn?

This afternoon I searched through the Austin Board of Realtors listings looking for farm and ranch properties, greater than ten acres, in Bastrop, Caldwell, Fayette, and “other” counties, that have an actual horse barn on them.  The search criteria I used asked for either a barn/stable, or horse facilities.  A total of 44 listings came up.  Of those after scrutinizing the listing comments and all the pictures I found ten properties that actually are set up for horses.

When I moved here eleven years ago with my horses from Arizona ( was a horse property specialist there too! ) I found that here in Texas when a Listing Agent has an opportunity to check a box that says barn/stable they will do it without hesitation because barn here can also mean equipment shed, shop, or storage building, besides a cow barn.   And being a horse property basically means you can put horses out on the pastures.

So here are the ten properties that I found that have some kind of horse barn from a simple small shedrow to exceptional properties that have been used in movies, and even one with a covered “circle fence for horses”  aka round pen.  ( Yes….. I have seen Agents refer to round pens that way laugh out loud!!!!

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