Do you have a Texas Bucket List? No? Start one!

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There has been a lot of talk about bucket lists.  Items people add to their bucket lists can take them all over the world.  But here in Texas there is so much to do  people are making their bucket lists of things to do and places to go right  inside our Texas Borders, and there is plenty to keep you busy.  My husband and I love to explore Texas.  Most weekends we will take a day and hop in our vehicle and head out in a direction we have never been, on a road we have never been to locations unknown.  We just let it happen but for many people that is a little too unstructured so for those of you who need a destination  you might find this TV Series The Texas Bucket List helpful.   We try to catch the show each week but  if we miss it there is a Facebook Page and other social medial sites to catch up with.  Warning, with so many cool things to see and do in Texas deciding which direction to go first might be a little daunting!  For those of you who are moving to this Great State….look what great things you have to look forward to!  I