World Class Coaching this morning!

This morning at our regular office meeting we were blessed with a presentation by Karen Edwards Turnquest of World Class Coaches.   We learned the importance of having a vision of what we want our life to be in work, with family, our finances, and our self both physically and spiritually.   Part of what we worked on this morning was to clearly identify and articulate what it is that being a real estate agent helps us to fulfill our calling and purpose in life.  It is important for us to identify our goals in order to reach them.  Part of this is to identify our strengths as Realtors and as humans and to remind ourselves of those strengths that we bring to the table each and every day to instill and infuse confidence in everything we do.  We saw first hand how empowering it was for an individual to be reviewed on his or her strengths.  Some of my personal strengths that I bring to the table in the real estate world are fairness, honesty, hard work, diligence, perseverance.

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