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It is that time of year again! The Fall Antiques show!

It’s that time of the year again! The end of summer brings some relief from the Central Texas heat with some cooler temperatures and even a few showers.  It also brings the Fall Antique show.  For those of you who have not attended one, it is overwhelmingly big.  It basically stretches from SH 71 in LaGrange up through Warrenton and Round Top to SH 290.

To help those of you who have never experienced it here are some links to show how big it is.  Also going to feature some shopping stops but there is so much there is no way to feature it all which you will see when you watch the Fly Over video.  So here is a list of some YouTube videos to help you get an idea of what happens here for two weeks in the fall, and then again two weeks in the spring!

Here is a video on how to shop and what to expect when you get here!

And some videos so you can see some of the many shops and areas up and down the road you can stop at!  Keep in mind you can’t see this all in one day, or even two or three.  That is one of the reasons we all go back year after year, it is never the same and there are always amazing finds to see and buy!

One of the traditions that have come out of this antique extravaganza is the Gypsy Prom held at Zapp Hall the last Thursday of the show.  From what I understand this started when the ladies at the Junk Gypsy decided that there were just so many wonderful old prom dresses needing a new life.  The original theme was to play dress up in an old prom dress and to Texify it.  Over the years it has become quite an event.  I have my “prom” dress ready to go for this year’s prom date of October 4th. Check it out!


I live in Fayetteville TX which is about ten minutes from all of this and I am a Career Realtor.  I help Buyers and Sellers with rural residential, farm and ranch, historic and vintage homes, and even help with properties that are live on with business space up front developed or undeveloped.  If you are looking for a Realtor to help you with property in Warrenton, Round Top, Fayetteville, La Grange, , Fayette County, or surrounding counties, please give me a call Five One Two Seven Four Three Zero Five One Six or Contact Me.  I would love to help you!Deb

Happy Antiquing!

Cottages at Bold Heart Farms

If you are looking for a place to unplug, get away from it all, relax, or possibly need a spot to hunker down in South Central Texas while you shop for your forever Texas home, look no further than The Cottages at Bold Heart Farms.  Hostess Maggie Nichol is a long time Real Estate Client of mine.  I helped her with her Real Estate needs in Arizona, and when she moved here to Texas I helped her find this lovely piece of property.  Centrally located, but out in the country, you will find comfortable cottages, gardens, and superior hospitality.  Tell Maggie that Deb sent you! Cottages at Boldheart Farms

Do you have a Texas Bucket List? No? Start one!

There has been a lot of talk about bucket lists.  Items people add to their bucket lists can take them all over the world.  But here in Texas there is so much to do  people are making their bucket lists of things to do and places to go right  inside our Texas Borders, and there is plenty to keep you busy.  My husband and I love to explore Texas.  Most weekends we will take a day and hop in our vehicle and head out in a direction we have never been, on a road we have never been to locations unknown.  We just let it happen but for many people that is a little too unstructured so for those of you who need a destination  you might find this TV Series The Texas Bucket List helpful.   We try to catch the show each week but  if we miss it there is a Facebook Page and other social medial sites to catch up with.  Warning, with so many cool things to see and do in Texas deciding which direction to go first might be a little daunting!  For those of you who are moving to this Great State….look what great things you have to look forward to!  I

First and Second Level Reiki

Recently I received my First and Second Level Reiki of the Usui Method of Natural Healing with some amazing women and our Instructor Karina Ruttar -of Divine Messages   Each day I practice my new healing technique through meditation and prayer on some of my close friends and family members. I have learned how to heal long distance without having to be hands on.  I am also applying these techniques to my horses, dogs and cats.   I will be posting more as I progress in my studies. Reiki Principles

La Grange County Courthouse

I love Fayette County for all the wonderful things it has to offer residents and visitors like the beautiful countryside, it’s historic cities and towns.  One historic city – La Grange – has a crowning jewel in it’s Square – The County Courthouse.

The Courthouse was built and completed towards the end of 1891 for an approximate cost of 99k.  The style is Romanesque Revival with a clock tower with a Seth Thomas clock and old bell,  and a  central courtyard that was later enclosed.

The stonework is amazing and utilizes blue sandstone from Muldoon, white limestone from Belton, and red limestone from Pecos.  The roof is Spanish tile with copper valleys.

Built in a flood plain ( no one is sure why…) the Courthous has survived a major flood back in 1913 and in the corridor you can see a mark identifying the height the flood waters reached.

If you are traveling to or through Fayette County or La Grange, the Courthouse should be on your list of things to do!  If you are looking for a Realtor to help you with Fayette County Real Estate please give me a call, I would love to help you Buy or Sell!

Should a Buyer attend Inspections

Should Buyers attend home inspections?  This is what I share with my Buyer Clients.

Buying Clients do not have to attend inspections.

They may if they choose. If so they should not “tag along” while the Inspector does his or her thing, that slows down the Inspector’s process. Inspectors like the rest of us have schedules to keep.


If the Buyers do attend.

Buyers should bring a good book or something to keep themselves occupied during the inspection. If / when the Inspector finds a major safety or component “issue” they will point it out to attending Buyers.

The Inspector will be providing a detailed report.

Buyers are encouraged to work with an Inspector that will provide a detailed report with with information and pictures. The report is an overview of the property that Buyers can refer to as future homeowners – a hand book of sorts of the house that will list what I call the “honey do’s” that a Buyer might consider addressing as a new homeowner after closing, combined with any safety or major component issues that may need to be addressed in the option period during Escrow.

Cream of Tartar, Baking Soda & Vinegar saved the day

Who knew?  Cream of Tartar has lots of uses! So does Baking Soda and Vinegar. And they all came to our  rescue yesterday!

I listed a lovely 7 acre tract of land with a newer mfg. home ( double wide ) on it.  We got multiple offers and went under contract with a closing date of the 4th of January.

All was good, Inspections done, Buyer Conditional Loan Approval out of the way, Appraisal done, and then all of a sudden  – yesterday – the 29th of December –  the Buyer’s Agent informed me by text that the Lender needed “new” pictures of the number plates on the mfg. home sides in order to fund.  ( this fact could lead me to a soap box but I will refrain! )

But as the Seller’s Agent I needed to do something to facilitate so I switch up my schedule and went over, only to find that in the Texas humidity and moisture the aluminium plates had developed a layer of build up – hence the bad appraiser pictures

The dilemma is how to get the build up off the plates without destroying the numbers, and how to do it quickly so as to avoid a delay in closing while waiting for Label Verification from HUD which takes days and is expensive to expedite.

This is where the Cream of Tartar, Baking Soda and Vinegar all come in to play!  Using those products and following instructions on How to Clean the Seller was able to clean the plates enough to see the numbers! The only thing she didn’t use was the steel wool she something a little less abrasive.

A couple of morals to this story 1)Cream of Tartar, Baking Soda and Vinegar are good things to have in your pantry. 2) Something always comes up in real estate 3) If you have a mfg. hone you are going to list to sell make sure that the Labels are legible!


Useful information and links for Bastrop County

Useful information and links for future residents of Bastrop County!  Links to information on Parks, County Stats,Hospitals and Clinics, Vets, Shopping & Grocers, Hardward stores, Construction companies, Restaurants, Government offices, School System, and Wells for the Bastrop/Smithville area.



Bastrop State Park and Buescher State Park

County Statistics  County statistics

Hospitals and Clinics

Smithville Regional Hospital  (11 miles, 13 minutes)

800 East Highway 71

Smithville, Texas 78957

(512) 237-3214

(512) 360-3219

St. David’s Emergency Care – Bastrop  (8 miles, 11 minutes)

3201 Hwy 71

East Bastrop, TX 78602

Telephone: (512) 308-5900


Lost Pines Family Health Clinic

102 Commercial Drive  Bastrop, TX 78602

(512) 985-6359

Doctor Batlle MD Bastrop Medical Clinic

195 South Hasler Boulevard B-1Bastrop, TX 78602

(512) 308-1555

Texan Urgent Care  (11 miles, 13 minutes)

717 Highway 71 West #500

Bastrop, TX 78602

(512) 332-2273


Bastrop Veterinary Hospital

2900 Hwy 95 North

Bastrop, TX 78602

(512) 303-6969

Riverside Veterinary Hospital

531 Hwy 71 E  Smithville, TX 78957

(512) 237-4644

Crossroads Animal Hospital

651 Texas 71Bastrop, TX 78602

(512) 321-0506

Shopping and Groceries/General/Specialty Shopping

Walmart Supercenter  (10 miles, 13 minutes)

488 Highway 71 W

Bastrop, TX

(512) 321-2288

Academy Sports and Outdoors (11 miles, 13 minutes)

749 Texas 71

Bastrop, TX

(512) 321-8200

Best Buy (11 miles, 13 minutes)

761 Highway 71 West, Bastrop, TX 78602

Phone:(512) 308-5849


HEB Superstore and Pharmacy (10 miles, 13 minutes)

104 North Hasler Boulevard, Bastrop, TX 78602

(512) 321-1011

Brooks Brothers Grocery and Pharmacy (7 miles, 10 minutes)

401 Royston St,

Smithville, TX 78957

(512) 237-3246

Bastrop Producers Market (closed Mondays)   (13 miles, 16 minutes)

977 Texas 71 Service Road, Bastrop, TX 78602

(512) 308-9989

Bastrop Farmers Market (Tuesday, Saturday)   (9 miles, 13 minutes)

1302 Chestnut St., Bastrop, TX

Walgreens Pharmacy  (7 miles, 10 minutes)

4201 Hwy 71 East Bastrop, TX 78602

(512) 308-1239

CVS Pharmacy  (10 miles, 14 minutes)

1671 Highway 71 East, Bastrop, TX 78602

(512) 308-0234


Home Depot (11 miles, 13 minutes)

525 Hwy 71 W, Bastrop, TX‎

(512) 308-1022

Lowes  Home Improvement  (11 miles, 13 minutes)

719 Highway 71 West, Bastrop, TX 78602

(512) 321-0460

Animal Feed/Country Stores

Smith Supply  (6 miles, 9 minutes)

764 W Loop 230, Texas 95, Smithville, TX 78957

(512) 237-2201

Tractor Supply (10 miles, 13 minutes)

441B Texas 71, Bastrop, TX‎

(512) 321-3660

Bastrop Feed & Supply  (12 miles, 15 minutes) 

777 Texas 95

Bastrop, TX

(512) 321-3700



Billy’s Pit BBQ

110 Texas 71, Bastrop, TX 78602 ‎

(512) 321-6453


1376 Texas 71, Bastrop, TX 78602 ‎

(512) 303-6808

Southside Market and BBQ

534 Hwy 71 W, Bastrop, TX 78602

(512) 575-9037


La Cabana

719 Texas 71, Smithville, TX 78957 ‎

(512) 237-2536

El Corral Lozano  (breakfast and lunch only)

902 College Street, Bastrop, TX 78602

(512) 308-9276

La Hacienda Restaurant & Bar

1800 Walnut St., Bastrop, TX


Cedar’s Mediterranean Grill

904 College Street, Bastrop, TX 78602 ‎

(512) 321-7808

Schulman Theatres Lost Pines 8

1600 Chestnut Street, Bastrop, TX 78602 ‎

(512) 321-2007

Pockets Grille

205 Fawcett Street, Smithville, TX 78957 ‎

(512) 237-5572

China Buffet

201 Hunters Crossing Blvd, Bastrop TX

Several nice eating places within 2 blocks of Main and Chestnut streets in Bastrop

Government Offices

Texas Parks & Wildlife Biologist

Robert Trudeau  Natural Resources Specialist

901 Pecan, Bastrop, TX 78602

(512) 332-7280

Natural Resources Conservation

507 Old Austin Highway

Bastrop, TX 78602

(512) 321-2286

Bastrop Central Appraisal District

209 Jackson Street, Bastrop, TX 78602

(512) 303-1930

Bastrop County Clerk

803 Pine Street #112, Bastrop, TX

(512) 332-7234

Bastrop County Sheriff Office

200 Jackson Street, Bastrop, TX

(512) 303-1080

Texas A&M Forest Service

Richard Gray

125 Keller Road, Unit C-4

Bastrop,  TX 78957

(512) 237-2160     

School System


Jimmy’s Well Service  

129 Lisa Lane, Bastrop, TX 78602
(512) 303-4473

Water softener system  

Texas Water Savers Co.

Scott O. Shaffer

La Grange, Texas


Septic Tank/Road Work  

Salinas Brothers

641 Oak Hill Cemetery Road, Bastrop, TX 78602

Phone:(512) 581-7071

Real Estate/Realtor

These are just a few of the many providers of services in Bastrop County Texas.  If you are looking for an experienced Realtor to help you with real estate purchase or real estate sale please consider contacting me.

Deb Dahlberg-Rowland/Realtor  direct 512-743-0516


Boy did we get some rain or what?

The rain started on Friday the 24th.  Here is the Weather Bug map that I pulled up.  Fayetteville was right in the thick of things!  We got a total of 10 plus inches from Friday to this morning…which by the way is a beautiful sunny day.  Large rains like this are not uncommon and with the El Nino weather pattern we may see more this fall and winter which is fine with me as I want us to crawl out of our drought status!

Fayetteville getting rain
Fayetteville getting rain

The ponds were overflowing on Saturday as you can see in these pictures I took driving Sunday from Fayetteville on FM 159 to a showing I had at one of my ranch listings  in Red Rock Texas!20151024_143800 20151024_143538 20151024_143519 20151024_143349 20151024_143329 20151024_143305 20151024_143255 20151024_143229It was a wet weekend for sure.  Loved every second of it.  But glad to see the sun today.  And all of these pastures went to brilliant green in those three days!  Gotta love Texas!