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Moving? Packing Tips

Reduce headaches by packing properly

Moving can be quite an overwhelming process. Aside from the discomfort of leaving the place you have come to call home, trying to organize all of your belongings in an efficient way and finding a new place for all of your things can be a bit of a hassle.

To prevent the discomfort of last-minute problems, you want to plan every detail of your move out in advance. What route are you going to take from point A to point B? If you’re using some sort of storage, you want to be smart about choosing the right location. Pick a place that is safe, reliable, and fairly priced, of course, but also consider convenience for your move. For example, many Austin area self-storage facilities are located along major highways, which allows for a customer or mover to get in and out quickly without wasting precious time.

Once you’ve done the legwork of locating a convenient storage area for your belongings, give yourself peace of mind by taking the time to properly pack your belongings ahead and consider a few important packing tips:

  1. Investigate the storage size. Sometimes people get a different perspective of how big or small an area really is by only reading the measurements off the website. Envision your belongings not as they are in your home right now, but as they will be once they’re disassembled and stacked in boxes (always dismantle bulky items as this will help with storage organization and any space issues you might encounter).
  2. Buy top quality packing supplies designed specifically for moving. Check and see if your storage facility sells packing supplies, or purchase through general retailers or the local postal service. Select quality boxes that are, for the most part, all the same size. This will help with stacking and organization.
  3. Make sure everything is clean and in good condition before placing it in storage. For example, garden tools should be clean and dry so that when spring rolls around you’ll be able to use your equipment with no problems.
  4. Think about temperature. Even climate-controlled units may not provide the temperature control you need. In colder climates, cotton or wool blankets might provide the extra insulation needed.
  5. Finally, have another look at the types of services you’ll have access to. Will handcarts be available? Is there truck availability? Will you have 24-hour access to your belongings once they’re stored?

Take these tips to heart and your next moving experience should be somewhat less of a pain. Be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to get everything in order; nothing ruins this process more than rushing through it in a mad panic. Keep cool, calm and collected and you will see that this isn’t quite as bad as you may have originally thought.

Real Estate and the Austin Texas lifestyle

There is so much that can be said about Austin , the Capitol city, at the gateway to the hill country along the Colorado River, with it’s rich history from the settlement of the area by pioneers fighting to establish a city, to the new growth by modern day “settlers” who want to live in and around the city enjoying all of it’s modern day benefits.

Austin Downtown City Living

Just like those settlers who wanted to be a part of that newly established city back in the 1800’s there has been a resurgence of downtown Austin city life in the array of wonderful condominiums that have recently added their silhouettes to the Austin skyline. Some of these great projects include the Milago, the Four Seasons on San Jacinto, The Shore on Davis Street, The W ( still under construction) on 2nd Street, The Austonian on Congress Avenue, 360 on Nueces. From Lady Bird Lake these high rises stand vigilant over the jogging paths and parks that are riverside, as well as the hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues along 4th, 5th, and 6th Streets.


Austin area suburbs

With so much being offered in the downtown area for Austonians, it is only natural for the areas nearby to be popular residential areas. One thing you can also say about Austin is the diversity and the neighborhoods and lifestyles. If you are in the market for a historic home you can search for homes in the Old West District. You can find condominiums, townhomes, Green Living homes, planned development living to the east, northeast, northwest, west, south, southeast, and southwest of city center.

With the recent growth small burbs outside of Central Austin have grown up and have a lot to offer for the burb lifestyle and some are just becoming popular. There is something for everyone. To the north you will find Georgetown and Round Rock, to the East Taylor and Pflugerville, to the Southeast Del Valle,Cedar Creek & Bastrop. To the south there is Dale, Lockhart, Kyle, and Buda, and to the east the Hill County with Wimberly and Dripping Springs and of course to the west- northwest the Highland Lakes.

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