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Eloise Woods | Community Natural Burial Park | Cedar Creek TX

For quite some time I have been meaning to stop to investigate the property with all of the all of the multi colored metal flowers on the fence that is on FM 535 in Cedar Creek. Well, today I did.

Eloise Woods is a Community Natural Burial Park for people and pets. It is located at 115 Northside Lane just off of FM 535. It is a simple, natural, affordable and earth-friendly option for “green” or “natural” burials. No embalming, metal caskets, or concrete grave liners. As in the olden days bodies are wrapped in shrouds or other biodegradable containers and placed directly in the the ground. “Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust”.

The Burial Park is almost ten acres in size and has gardens for everyone. Pets can be buried with their people. Families can handle opening and closing the graves, but funeral homes are recommended to transport remains and complete required paperwork. There are a number of plot sizes and prices but a Family Plot is $1,500 as of the publishing of this blog.

I was really impressed that our quaint little county of Bastrop had something like this to offer for it’s residents and for residents of the greater Austin area. Contact information: Ellen Macdonald – Manager, Ellies’ Green Burials LLC, 512.796.5240, email: elen at, website:

Bluebonnet Acres Land Owners Information

In listing my newest horse property listing in Bluebonnet Acres I researched for information on the local association. Bluebonnet Acres Land Owners Association has a website with lots of information including the deed restrictions, the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and information on the subdivision’s private lake Clear Springs.

Bluebonnet Acres is located in Cedar Creek just past the new Cedar Creek High School across the highway from the Hyatt Regency Lost Pines Resort and McKinney Roughs. It is a fairly relaxed subdivision that was a lake vacation get away spot in years past, like other small lake communities in Bastrop County such as Indian Lake and Lake Thunderbird .

If you would like information on properties in Bluebonnet Acres or any other area in Bastrop County please contact me.

Clear Springs Lake a gem in Bluebonnet Acres

One of the benefits of being a home or land owner in Bluebonnet Acres is the 34 acre private park around Clear Springs Lake. The Bluebonnet Homeowners Association maintains the lake which is a catch and release fishing lake. Since it is a small lake kayaks and canoes are in order. There is no motorized access to the lake shore. There are only a few properties that are lakeside but many of the other homes and lots in the area have a little bit of a view of the lake from the higher elevations. There is a wide mix of homes in the subdivision from cute single wide mobiles to larger estate style homes and everything in between and horses and small farm animals are acceptable if within the restrictive guidelines.