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Do you have a Texas Bucket List? No? Start one!

There has been a lot of talk about bucket lists.  Items people add to their bucket lists can take them all over the world.  But here in Texas there is so much to do  people are making their bucket lists of things to do and places to go right  inside our Texas Borders, and there is plenty to keep you busy.  My husband and I love to explore Texas.  Most weekends we will take a day and hop in our vehicle and head out in a direction we have never been, on a road we have never been to locations unknown.  We just let it happen but for many people that is a little too unstructured so for those of you who need a destination  you might find this TV Series The Texas Bucket List helpful.   We try to catch the show each week but  if we miss it there is a Facebook Page and other social medial sites to catch up with.  Warning, with so many cool things to see and do in Texas deciding which direction to go first might be a little daunting!  For those of you who are moving to this Great State….look what great things you have to look forward to!  I

Brown’s Mill?

Just 14 miles Northeast of Giddings on FM 141 is a small town called Dime Box, TX. The town was originated when a working saw mill was established there. They named the town after the owner of the mill (Brown’s Mill). Eventually the name was changed to Dime Box to rid confusion between Brown’s Mill and Brownsville. As of 2000 the population was at a whopping 200! Interesting fact about Dime Box is it housed one of the earliest Presbyterian churches in the state. So if you’re looking to get out and drive down a windy road with farms/ranches on either side, Dime Box is your place!

Moving to Texas with Paint Horses – where can you show?

I moved to Texas back in 2005 with my paint horse breeding program and one of the first things I did was research clubs and shows for Paints ( and Pintos!).  Texas is a big state with lots of equestrian activity!  There are a bunch of great Paint and Pinto Clubs!  And a ton of shows!   Here is a list and link to a few of the clubs and a directory of some of the shows.



Northeast Texas Paint Horse Club
Central Texas Paint Horse Club

There are so many disciplines it is hard to cover them all!  If you need more specific information about breed clubs or discipline shows feel free to contact me, and of course if you or someone you know are  looking to buy or sell a horse property or horse ranch in the counties ” in between” Austin, Houston, and San Antonio – that is the area that I work in!  Give me a call!  I would appreciate an opportunity to help you with your horse related real estate needs! Deb 512-743-0156

Serving the area “in between” Austin – Houston – San Antonio in comfort!

I am a Career Realtor with almost 20 years experience ( time flies when you are having fun! ) successfully helping Buyers and Sellers meet their real estate needs.  I am very fortunate to have worked with great Clients over the years and I have gained knowledge and experience selling residential properties, lots, vintage and historic homes, alternative builds such as straw bale/Earthship/SIPPS panel/dome style homes and other.  My true love though is farm and ranch and horse properties.  Buyers and Sellers always look for benefits of working with a specific agent.  One of the benefits that I offer to my Clients who are looking to buy large acreage tracts , or have acreage to sell in the counties in between Austin, Houston, and San Antonio,  is my ability to large properties to potential Buyers in comfort with my 4 seat 4 x Mule ( rain or shine!).    If you are looking for a Realtor who is dedicated to her Clients, has made real estate her Career, has knowledge, experience, and great referrals buying and selling farm/ranch/and horse properties – please give me a call ( 512-743-0516 )  I would love to help you meet your real estate goals!

Kawasaki Mule
Kawasaki Mule

Paws Plus offering Vet Clinics at Tractor Supply locations

Paws Plus only began holding clinics in Texas in April 2014. They exclusively service a majority of the Tractor Supply Stores on the weekends and service the same stores every 4 weeks.

Paws Plus logo

 Here are the dates and times of the stores in our area of Central Texas for  September:

                 Bastrop                Sunday 9/21/14       11am – noon

                La Grange           Sunday 9/21/14       2:30 -3:30pm

                Giddings             Saturday 9/6/14      9 – 10am

                Brenham            Saturday 9/6/14      1 – 2pm

                El Campo            Sunday 9/14/14       11am – noon

                Columbus          Sunday 9/14/14       2:30 – 3:30pm

 If you have seen or frequented Paws Plus’s competition, there are many things that set them apart from the rest.

                The first thing is they are located inside of the store out of the heat.

                Their crew and setup is very professional and streamlined. Crew members are in coordinated scrubs and the Veterinarian is wearing a lab coat.

               Their Veterinarians perform a physical exam which includes getting a temperature, listening to heart & lungs, looking at eyes, ears, abdomen, etc.

Paws Plus has been providing affordable vaccine clinics for 15 years and are now located in 18 states. They offer Vaccines for dogs and cats, Heartworm Testing, Feline Leukemia/FIV testing, Heartworm prevention and flea prevention and Microchips at the clinics as well as an online pharmacy for Heartworm and flea prevention.  The good news is that  Paws Plus is  a “no pressure” atmosphere, meaning if someone wants only a Rabies vaccination, we are happy to accommodate and since there is no exam fee then a single Rabies vaccine would cost the client $13.80 (which includes a bio-hazard fee). I think that their Microchips are the lowest price I have seen at $15 which includes registration.

 If you have cats or dogs that need some attention, mark your calendars and go support Paws Plus at Tractor Supply!  Tell them Deb – The Realtor – sent you!

Land Buyers see properties in comfort!

Are you looking for larger acreage between Austin, Houston, and San Antonio?  I am an Accredited Buyer Representative with almost 20 years experience working with Buyers  with larger acreage farm, ranch, horse properties.  I cut my teeth showing large acreage along the Front Range  in Colorado,  moved back to Arizona to become a RARE Top Producer in the Prescott area ,  and since 2005   I have been in Central Texas specializing in the counties that  fall “in between”  three awesome Texas  cities.

As a Buyer Representative I offer my Clients an opportunity to see larger acreage tracts from the comfort of my Kawasaki mule that seats four. This is a great way to get the feel of a prospective property!


If you or anyone you know are considering the purchase of land in Central Texas call me, Deb!  512-743-0516 is my direct line.  Let’s schedule a time to do some 4 wheeling on some of the most beautiful ranch land in the nation.

Kawasaki Mule
Kawasaki Mule

Central Texas Cowboy Church Ranch Sorting series scheduled

Central Texas Cowboy Church has published it’s Ranch Sorting Series dates.  There are five dates between now and the end of the year with Youth, Open, and Novice Draw.  Great opportunity.  See the flyer below for more information!  Tell them Deb – The Horse Property Specialist – sent you when you sign up! Church Sorting