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Helping Rick Moninger replace the home he lost in the Hidden Pines fire

Approximately 60 homes were lost in the Hidden Pines fire in Bastrop County last week.  One of those homes was Rick Moninger’s.  Rick’s home was lost the first day.  Rick had enough time to load his three dogs in to his truck and leave.  Everything he had was lost.  Rick was building his home little by little as he could afford it. His plan was to have a home without a mortgage when he retired in a few years.  The home was about 60 percent complete but it didn’t have a standard roof yet, just a yurt like canvas roof.  This made his home uninsurable.  We have started a gofundme to help raise funds to buy Rick a “container” home from Campco Texas.  Here is the link to the the page.  If you would like to help Rick any amount will be helpful.  Thank you in advance