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Brown’s Mill?

Just 14 miles Northeast of Giddings on FM 141 is a small town called Dime Box, TX. The town was originated when a working saw mill was established there. They named the town after the owner of the mill (Brown’s Mill). Eventually the name was changed to Dime Box to rid confusion between Brown’s Mill and Brownsville. As of 2000 the population was at a whopping 200! Interesting fact about Dime Box is it housed one of the earliest Presbyterian churches in the state. So if you’re looking to get out and drive down a windy road with farms/ranches on either side, Dime Box is your place!

Ol’ Blue

When you hear the word “Blue” what is the first thing that comes to mind? The color? Your distant cousin out in east Texas? A dog you once had? For Central Texas residents… Blue means the town just down the road! Blue is a small Texas town located in Northwestern Lee County on FM 696. It was settled in 1846 by three brothers and originally named Blue Branch after a nearby stream. In 1897 it was shortened to Blue. It’s population has not seen much growth over the years… The population in 1945 was 25 and in 2000 was right at 50. There is not much to Blue but you can eat, shop, and golf in nearby Giddings. It’s also in close proximity to Temple and Austin areas. So if you’re ever feeling “blue”, maybe you need a day out in the small country town of Blue.

Properties that are “horse friendly”

Horse friendly properties for sale in between AUS-SAN-HUS

Here is a partial list of properties that are for sale in the Counties of Bastrop, Caldwell, Fayette, Lee, Gonzales that are “horse friendly”  in that they allow horses.  The type of fencing, if any may vary.  The topography of the land will vary from heavy tree cover to pastures. The acreage range and pricing can be modest to over the top. Many times Buyers are looking to buy a house and build their own horse set up – the way they want it.  That is what I recently did at my new little historic home on a few acres in Fayetteville.

Work with an Experienced Agent to Buy and Sell

Even having been a Realtor who specialized in Farm and Ranch/Horse Properties in both Colorado and Arizona for over 20 years,  when I moved from Arizona to Texas I hired a Buyers Agent licensed here in Texas to represent me and my best interests to work with me.  Since the Seller’s pay commissions to Buyer’s Agent at successful close of escrow it only made sense for me to utilize the services of a Buyer’s Agent  who knew the nuances of the areas and the Texas purchase contract to help us.  As an Accredited Buyer’s Agent here in Texas with lots of experience with Buyers and Sellers I would love to REPRESENT YOU in the sale or purchase of a Farm and Ranch/Horse Property. Please call me direct.  Just remember to AskforDeb.Realtor!

Properties that are “horse friendly”

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Moving to Texas with Paint Horses – where can you show?

I moved to Texas back in 2005 with my paint horse breeding program and one of the first things I did was research clubs and shows for Paints ( and Pintos!).  Texas is a big state with lots of equestrian activity!  There are a bunch of great Paint and Pinto Clubs!  And a ton of shows!   Here is a list and link to a few of the clubs and a directory of some of the shows.



Northeast Texas Paint Horse Club
Central Texas Paint Horse Club

There are so many disciplines it is hard to cover them all!  If you need more specific information about breed clubs or discipline shows feel free to contact me, and of course if you or someone you know are  looking to buy or sell a horse property or horse ranch in the counties ” in between” Austin, Houston, and San Antonio – that is the area that I work in!  Give me a call!  I would appreciate an opportunity to help you with your horse related real estate needs! Deb 512-743-0156

Information on Leasing Services

Information on Leasing Services

One of the services I offer my Real Estate Clients is Property Leasing (not to be confused with Property Management, which I do not provide).

Steps to finding a Lease Property

If you are searching for a lease property here is an overview of the steps that I will take working with you as your Lease Agent. First visit the search below to look at available lease properties. Then call me or email me so I can learn more about your specific need for a lease property. Once we identify properties that feet your needs we can set showing appointments for appropriate properties during this appointment we will also discuss documents to use when Leasing a property which are:

Information of Brokerage Services, Intermediary Relationship Notice, Residential Lease Application, Residential Lease Guaranty ( if needed), and the Residential Lease.

I will prepare the necessary documentation and I will present your offer to Lease to the Listing Agent.

So, If you are looking for a lease property please contact me to set an appointment so we can start the process!

Steps to finding a Lease Tenant

If you own a property that you are considering Leasing I can help you find a qualified lease tenant. Here are the steps to listing a property for lease when a property owner decides to lease a property, or has an established lease property and wants to find a qualified Lease Tenant.

We will set an appointment to view the property, review the most recent market comparable information on similar lease properties, and we will go over the documents that will be used to put a Lease listing on the market, and we will discuss in depth the marketing program and steps to qualify a Tenant prospect.

Documents that will be used are:

Information on Brokerage Services, Intermediary Relationship Notice, Residential Listing – Inclusive Right to Lease, and if the property was built before 1978 – a Lead Base Paint disclosure.

Referrals Available for Property Management Services

If you are wanting to Lease your property and have it managed by a Property Management Service , although I do not provide Property Management services, I have a very good working relationship with area Property Managers with I will be happy to refer. I can find you a Lease Tenant and you can work with any management company of your choice when the property has been leased.

Buyer Testimonial | Land purchase

Buyer Testimonial | Land purchase – a happy Client of mine!

“I was looking for my first piece of land as a city dweller to build a %100 off grid green home and had no idea where to start looking for the right person. Someone who was not just looking to move a piece of land, but really get to know what I wanted to do with it. After seeing Deb had her own land and managed her OWN horses I knew I had the right person. Deb took no time in showing not only the properties that matched what I said I wanted to see, but also what she knew I should consider. If you are looking for someone who appreciates Texas for the land and what you can do with it Deb is your person. Working with her was a real pleasure.” Emory at Apple

Emory – thanks for giving me the opportunity to help you find your spot! It was a pleasure! If you are looking for a Realtor to work with to buy or sell land in Bastrop, Caldwell, Lee, Fayette, or Gonzales counties, or in the greater Austin area please call me! 512-743-0516! Deb


Trains, peanuts, buffalo…oh my! Giddings TX

Yesterday I went to show a beautiful gentleman’s ranch I have listed in Ledbetter just a few miles outside of Giddings TX. As I was driving through town I got the idea to take a few pictures that I could share, images of Giddings, that might portray a bit of what the City was all about. On my way back to the office I took a little time to drive around the City with my camera. I could have stayed all day taking fun photos! Made me definitely want a better camera and better photographic skills but here are a few images that got my attention.

Giddings is located in Lee County and is nestled between Houston – 100 miles, San Antonio – 120 miles, and Austin – 48 miles and is the county seat at the intersection of Hwy 290 and Hwy 77. The population of Giddings is about 5800.


Who would have thought about peanuts and Giddings Texas? The Lee County Peanut Mill is one of the oldest peanut mills in the southwest locals say. There is a long growing season in the Lee County area almost 270+ days with average rainfall approx 35″ and the elevation is around 454 ft.


Giddings is the Home of the Buffalos. Not the big hairy beast that used to roam the plains, but the Giddings High School Football Team. Giddings is not afraid to show it’s pride and you can’t miss it when you come in to town as they have dedicated the face of a huge water storage tank on each end of town to showing their spirit!


One of the fun things in Giddings is to read the advertisements that are painted on the older buildings. Orsag’s Furniture store has a big one that is dedicated to Bull Durham ( unfortunately it is for a premium non smoking tobacco ( ICK!) and not the movie with Kevin Costner which was oh so good!)


Another building sign asks you to “come on board” in Giddings showing their hospitality and their pride in the strong ties they have to the rail road.


Both the San Antonio and Aransas lines converge in Giddings. The rail service played a big part in the development of the Giddings area. The old train station is now a history museum and is well worth a visit.


Giddings can be very proud of it’s courthouse. Built in 1878 it actually burnt down and was replaced in 1899 with the beautiful building you see today.

If you would like to learn more about the  City of Giddings and the real estate market be it buying or selling please give me a call.  I would love to help you.