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It is that time of year again! The Fall Antiques show!

It’s that time of the year again! The end of summer brings some relief from the Central Texas heat with some cooler temperatures and even a few showers.  It also brings the Fall Antique show.  For those of you who have not attended one, it is overwhelmingly big.  It basically stretches from SH 71 in LaGrange up through Warrenton and Round Top to SH 290.

To help those of you who have never experienced it here are some links to show how big it is.  Also going to feature some shopping stops but there is so much there is no way to feature it all which you will see when you watch the Fly Over video.  So here is a list of some YouTube videos to help you get an idea of what happens here for two weeks in the fall, and then again two weeks in the spring!

Here is a video on how to shop and what to expect when you get here!

And some videos so you can see some of the many shops and areas up and down the road you can stop at!  Keep in mind you can’t see this all in one day, or even two or three.  That is one of the reasons we all go back year after year, it is never the same and there are always amazing finds to see and buy!

One of the traditions that have come out of this antique extravaganza is the Gypsy Prom held at Zapp Hall the last Thursday of the show.  From what I understand this started when the ladies at the Junk Gypsy decided that there were just so many wonderful old prom dresses needing a new life.  The original theme was to play dress up in an old prom dress and to Texify it.  Over the years it has become quite an event.  I have my “prom” dress ready to go for this year’s prom date of October 4th. Check it out!


I live in Fayetteville TX which is about ten minutes from all of this and I am a Career Realtor.  I help Buyers and Sellers with rural residential, farm and ranch, historic and vintage homes, and even help with properties that are live on with business space up front developed or undeveloped.  If you are looking for a Realtor to help you with property in Warrenton, Round Top, Fayetteville, La Grange, , Fayette County, or surrounding counties, please give me a call Five One Two Seven Four Three Zero Five One Six or Contact Me.  I would love to help you!Deb

Happy Antiquing!

Midway Water Gardens

One of my pass times besides 24-7 real estate, my husband, my dogs,  cats, chickens & horses are my fish.  I have two large stock tanks with young  koi  and shubunkins under my carport in Fayetteville. Sunday after doing some spring yard work I decided I would take a drive out to Midway Water Gardens, located two miles east of Ellinger.  I was hoping to find some fish friendly water plants.  I was not disappointed!

The way to the Water Gardens is clearly marked from Highway 71 with signs at every turn.  The last part of the way was on gravel roads but they were in good shape.

Midway Water Gardens specializes in the installation and design of stonework, landscaping, and water features of all sizes.  They also have just about everything you might need for your water gardens including water lillies, marginal plants, liners, pumps, filters, pond conditions, fish, landscape rocks, pots and more.

I brought home some hornwort for my fish, knowing that they might eat it all up.  That’s okay it is only a few dollars a bunch and I need an excuse to go back and put together a dream Water Garden for the future.

If you are looking for a Realtor to help you buy or sell a property with a Water Garden in the area “in between Austin, Houston, and San Antonio” please give me a call I would love to help you meet your Real Estate goals – Deb Dahlberg Rowland Realtor 512-0743-0516

What’s the word?

A common question being asked around Bastrop lately is “What is going on behind Wal Mart?!” The answer… Pecan Park! Bastrop is getting a new subdivision. As the city grows, so does the demand for housing. Pecan Park has two builders (David Weekley and Scott Felder). Lots are currently available for purchase. If you want an idea of what to expect, drive by and look at their model homes! The main entrance is located on Childers behind Wal Mart. There will be a variety of home styles to choose from, and they start from the low $200,000’s. Get yours before they’re all gone!

Brown’s Mill?

Just 14 miles Northeast of Giddings on FM 141 is a small town called Dime Box, TX. The town was originated when a working saw mill was established there. They named the town after the owner of the mill (Brown’s Mill). Eventually the name was changed to Dime Box to rid confusion between Brown’s Mill and Brownsville. As of 2000 the population was at a whopping 200! Interesting fact about Dime Box is it housed one of the earliest Presbyterian churches in the state. So if you’re looking to get out and drive down a windy road with farms/ranches on either side, Dime Box is your place!

“Come and Take It”

“Come and Take It.” If you live in Texas, you probably know this saying by heart. If you are not from Texas, chances are you have seen a white bumper sticker with this phrase and a picture of a cannon on a Texan’s vehicle. This comes from a flag that originated in the 1800’s. The first battle of the Texas Revolution took place in Gonzales, TX in 1835. A small number of men refused to give up their cannon and raised this flag to show they were not messing around! Gonzales was the ONLY city to send aid to the ever famous Battle of the Alamo. They sent 32 men, all of whom died in the battle. Gonzales is now a steadily growing city between the San Marcos/Austin area. It serves as the county seat for Gonzales County and is rich with history. Gonzales College opened in 1853. There were 50 students enrolled. At one point, the men’s quarters was torn down to help build a fort for the war! The school is no longer operating but is now used as a residence. You can still see many historical homes as Gonzales has a high number of them. The original city built just a few miles away was burned to the ground in the 1800’s. They rebuilt the city and today remains as it was originally surveyed. And if you are looking for other fun things to do, it’s location near the San Marcos and Guadalupe Rivers provides ample opportunity for a great time! If being outdoors is not your idea of fun, nearby San Marcos has a large outlet mall!

39th Annual Lickskillet Days in Fayetteville TX this weekend

Did you know that originally Fayetteville was called Lickskillet?  Truth!  This weekend Fayetteville is celebrating it’s 39th Annual Lickskillet Days.  This is a big deal in this quaint little City.  Good food, shopping, history, entertainment it’s all here around the historic square.  There is even a parade tomorrow!  After the parade on the Square Mayor Ronnie Pflughaupt will honor Jerry and Shirley Chovanec by proclaiming  “Jerry and Shirley Chovanec Heritage Day.”  Located just a few miles off of Hwy  71 between Columbus and La Grange.  Centrally located in between Austin, Houston, and San Antonio.  Come on out and help us celebrate!  Lickskillet Days 2015 Final LickskilletPrgm-page-001

Old pictures of the Bastrop area | In the Bastrop Courthouse

I was called for jury duty last week and while there I toured the hallways downstairs to look at all the historical pictures displayed. Some of the photos were truly amazing. Pictures of old homes, old businesses, streets in the county, historic floods helped me to understand what this County has been through and gave me an appreciation of the settlers who first called Bastrop home.

Bassano Del Grappa | Italian Restaurant and Pizzeria in Bastrop Texas

If you are looking for some good Italian food you might want to check out the newest addition to Bastrop County restaurants = Bassano Del Grappa located on Tahitian Drive a block in from Highway 71 in Tahitian Village at 171 Tahitian Drive in the old converted clubhouse.

We went for dinner there last night and the food was wonderful. This is a relaxed dining atmosphere so you can come casual. The waitstaff was attentive and they handled the large dinner crowd rush well. I had the Eggplant Parmigiana and my hubby had the a chicken dish. They came out piping hot. The homemade bread was wonderful. There was a nice selection of beer and wine to choose from and some awesome looking deserts ( which we passed on as we were full! )

If you are in the area you should stop in. They are open for 11 am to 10 pm 7 days a week and the y have a great menu for dine in or take out! Contact information is 512-321-3393 .

Bastrop Producers Market | Sustainable and organic foods

Located on the feeder road on the south side of Highway 71 in Cedar Creek in Bastrop County the Bastrop Producers Market offers sustainable and organic foods along with hand made items, local baked goods, pastured meats, soaps and skin care, free range egs, and local seasonal fruits and veggies. This is a new kind of Farmers Market located indoors and it is open Tuesday through Fridays from 11 am to 6pm , Saturday from 9a m to 6pm and Sunday from Noon to 5pm. I stopped in this week and picked up organic apple cider vinegar, some fresh beets, and carrots. They even have organic chicken scratch. Next trip I am going to try their local pork and buffalo. There is going to be a Holistic Health Fair there on May 7th. Mark your calendar and check it out.


BBQ Capital of Texas | Lockhart

Lockhart was coined the BBQ Capital of the World by the Texas Legislation back in 2003.

Who enjoys Lockhart BBQ

With a population of approximately 14,237 (per 2009 census ) the City of f Lockhart has four BBQ restaurants and it has been said that those four restaurants serve approximately 5000 BBQ meals per week.

Either 1/3 of the populatio eats BBQ once a week or people visit Lockhart for the BBQ ( which is my bet!) Either way it is a pretty good indication that Lockhart is the place to go when you are craving BBQ.

Where to find BBQ in Lockhart

There are at least four BBQ restaurants in Lockhart to consider when taking a day trip for BBQ but don’t rule out others that you may find on your own!

In alphbetical order ( which is only fair….)

Blacks BBQ located at 215 North Main, Chisholm Trail BBQ at 1323 S. Colorado, Kruez BBQ at 619 N. Colorado, and last but not least Smitty’s BBQ at 208 S. Commerce.

How to get to Lockhart

From Austin you can take 183 directly south from Austin, from San Marcos you can take the Lockhart exit ( Highway 80 ) to Highway 142 into town. If you are a pilot you can always fly in to the Lockhart municipal airport!