Columbus!!! (Not Ohio)

Located on the Colorado River, Columbus is the county seat of Colorado County. With a population of about 3,700 it is known as the “City of Live Oaks and Live Folks.” Being along Interstate 10 allows easy access to the surrounding areas such as Houston and San Antonio. It was originally called Beason’s Crossing due to the Ferry service located on the river at in the 1800’s. Unfortunately, during the wars the town was ordered to be burned down. After Texas achieved independence from Mexico, Columbus was then established. Some say Columbus gets it’s name from people who migrated from Columbus, Ohio while others believe it was named after Christopher Columbus. In the 19th century cattle ranching was the town’s major business. It is now listed in the National Register of Historic Places and offers multiple things to do such as view the historic Alley Log Cabin and Tool Museum and tour the courthouse! If you are planning to stay a while, Columbus offers a variety of lodging from hotels to RV parks. And don’t fret, there are several sit down restaurants to choose from! Events and festivals take place throughout the year so be sure to check the city website for schedules. They can be found at

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