Caldwell County

Caldwell County Real Estate

Where is Caldwell County

Caldwell County is just below Austin and Travis County. Caldwell falls directly in the middle of the triangle between Austin, Houston, and San Antonio.


About Caldwell County

Lockhart is the county seat for Caldwell ( with it’s beautifully restored county courthouse in the square). Prarie Lea is on the way to Luling and Fentress is out that way. Delhi is a farming community and has some great larger acreages available. The Pine Gap subdivision is just outside of Delhi on the way to McMahan, a one street town – rumored to have been recently purchased by a group of locals who want to revive the town with visions of being the next Luckenbach someday. Dale, Lytton Springs, Niederwald and Uhland are all west of Bastrop and directly south of Austin.

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