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Barton Springs pool – Part of the Austin Lifestyle

The Barton Springs pool is located in the 300 + acre Zilker park in Austin and it is a very popular spot during the hot and humid Central Texas summers for locals and visitors with it cold ( approx. 68 degrees average! ) temp year round.

Barton Springs pool – Part of the Austin Lifestyle	http://www.buybastropsellbastrop.com/barton-springs-pool-part-of-the-austin-lifestyle	http://www.debdahlbergrowland.com/barton-springs-pool-part-of-the-austin-lifestyle/

One of a series of threes springs that seep upwards from the fissure in the Balcones Fault line. Barton Springs has been used by Native Americans, settlers, and became a private pool for it’s namesake Andrew Jackson Zilker and family. Zilker ultimately donated his land which ran along the Colorado River to the City of Austin. Some time around 1930 the City expanded the swimming hole to create a “pool atmosphere” along with sidewalks .

In the summer heat you can find lots of people enjoying the park setting and the cool water every day. There is a minimal charge for entry and there are showers as well. People bring towels and set up camp along the grassy banks on either side of the pool. There are shallow and deep ends to the pool, as well as swimming lanes, and there is one area specifically for diving on the one diving board. Every time I have been there a line forms of people ready to demonstrate their diving skills which is great entertainment while sun bathing in between dips in the pool. Down towards the deeper part of the 1000 foot pool there is an area where you are allowed to used your floatation devices. Another great way to get a few rays and enjoy the cool waters. But it is not just a summer spot, even when the temperatures drop in the Austin area in fall, winter, and early spring there are still dedicated swimmers who come to do laps every day.

During the summer months we make weekly pilgrimages from Bastrop to the Barton Springs Pool to relax and cool down and we are joined by a wide mixture of people. In my estimation the Barton Springs Pool is part of the Austin Lifestyle!

Riverside Dog Park in Austin

Since we have a deaf puppy we can’t let him play at some of the dog friendly parks in Austin as he needs to be confined by a fence, at least until he is trained sufficiently. So we are big fans of fenced dogs parks! There is one inBastrop and now one in Smithville, but for a change we like to drive in to Austin to the Dog Park on Riverside.

Located on Riverside Drive in Central Austin right next to I-35, the park is fenced and cross fenced, with water and poop stations, varying terrain, bushes, trees, it is a popular spot for Austonians to bring their dogs for some R & R. I am always amazed at how well all the dogs get along. I guess it is because it isn’t anyones “yard” to protect.

There are two sections one for small dogs and one for large dogs although we see some pretty “big” small dogs running around in the larger area.

Make sure to have your dog current on shots and in a collar. Dog Park etiquette says if your dog is bothering other dogs or dog owners it is time for you to head home. One day our pup was just fascinated with an older dog and just kept wanting to play so we packed it up and ended his play day when we couldn’t divert his attention.

All in all the Riverside Dog Park is an awesome place to take your dogs! Here are some pictures of the park I took when we were there. If you or anyone you know is looking for a Realtor who owns dogs and understands the needs of dog owners please contact me!

McKinney Falls in Travis County

If you are looking for a great day trip or a place to camp for a weekend and you don’t want to leave the Austin area consider visiting McKinney Falls State Park. Originally a thoroughbred horse and cattle ranch for one of Austin’s “old 300” Thomas McKinney in the mid 1800’s it is now a wonderful hidden gem not 15 minutes from the State Capital building!

Onion Creek follows along an old lava flow and the water flow has carved out some beautiful falls into some large natural water pools and are beautiful when flowing and fresh during the wetter months of the year.

The remnants of the original homestead and trainer’s home are still standing in the park and can be viewed from existing hiking trails. There are campsites along the creek and it is managed as a Texas State Park.

This is one of the spots that my husband and I visit during the summer for a quick dip in the pools to cool off when we aren’t working. And speaking of working, if you are looking for a Realtor who enjoys the outdoors as much as she enjoys her real estate business – working with both Buyers and Sellers in Bastrop and surrounding counties – please contact me, I would love to work with you.