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It’s going to be a cold one today….for Central Texas that is!

This morning we are in the middle of an arctic blast that has dropped down in to Texas from the north.  So…it is a cold one today…that is for Central Texas!  I know that the rest of the country is in a big freeze.  I remember those days as a Minnesotan as a little girl.  It seems that the last 40 years or so have been milder and now the weather that I remember as a kid is back.

So here I sit in my pjs at the kitchen table in our turn of the century farmhouse here in Fayetteville with a warm cup of coffee and my laptop in front of me, my two-legged chi Stew D. Baker next to me, the other pets curled up on their beds with blankets.

I am updating my real estate contact email list while I wait for the protein pumpkin bread to bake.  Yesterday with the help of my Assistant I sent out Valentine’s Day notes to a customer list from leads received.  So this morning I am updating that list to make it more current.  As always there are bounces that are bad email addresses, I had two requests to remove email addresses off my list, one was a spiritual healer I had worked with a couple of years ago helping her sell her property, and the other was an Agent who must have not belonged to the listing service and went to one of my listings on our site to get information for her Client and had to log on.  One person emailed me nicely to ask how I got her email address and I was able to send her a history of our contacts, it was a good memory refresher for me too!  And I did get a greeting back from one of my past Clients.

After this cup of coffee, a slice of warm pumpkin bread, and the update of that email list I will bundle up and head outside to start my outside day.  The horses who have been bundled up all night will want to get out and kick up their heels, I will need to take Stewie for a walk in his cart, and then for the first time in a long time I won’t have a schedule on a Saturday so I am going to throw my fate to the winds and see what comes my way.

Ya’ll bundle up out there where ever you are and stay warm!

Ol’ Blue

When you hear the word “Blue” what is the first thing that comes to mind? The color? Your distant cousin out in east Texas? A dog you once had? For Central Texas residents… Blue means the town just down the road! Blue is a small Texas town located in Northwestern Lee County on FM 696. It was settled in 1846 by three brothers and originally named Blue Branch after a nearby stream. In 1897 it was shortened to Blue. It’s population has not seen much growth over the years… The population in 1945 was 25 and in 2000 was right at 50. There is not much to Blue but you can eat, shop, and golf in nearby Giddings. It’s also in close proximity to Temple and Austin areas. So if you’re ever feeling “blue”, maybe you need a day out in the small country town of Blue.