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Old pictures of the Bastrop area | In the Bastrop Courthouse

I was called for jury duty last week and while there I toured the hallways downstairs to look at all the historical pictures displayed. Some of the photos were truly amazing. Pictures of old homes, old businesses, streets in the county, historic floods helped me to understand what this County has been through and gave me an appreciation of the settlers who first called Bastrop home.

Images of Bastrop Texas

On a bright sunny Chamber of Commerce day not so long ago I was out and about on some real estate related duties in Bastrop and took photos of some of the visual Bastrop icons to post.

I love the Bastrop sign that is at Hassler Blvd that was built a couple of years ago.

Images of Bastrop Texas

And of course the historic entry to the Bastrop State Park

Images of Bastrop Texas

and the golf course are both well known right off of Hwy 21

Images of Bastrop Texas

The Bastrop Fire Deparment downtown has a wonderful bronzed statue that is very eye catching

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The Bastrop Courthouse is such a lovely old building

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The new Bastrop City Hall on Loop 150/Chestnut was under construction that day but is now finished and a lovely addition to Bastrop

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One of the great downtown restuarants in Bastrop is Gracies

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Here is a view of Fisherman’s Park from the old Iron Bridge in Bastrop on Loop 150/Chestnut

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Downtown Bastrop proudly displays it’s banners promoting it’s location in the heart of the Lost Pines

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And here is a view of Bastrop from up on Hwy 21 looking back towards the Colorado River valley and the town of Bastrop

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Bastrop is such a great Texas town and has so much to offer. If you are interested in Bastrop County information and Real Estate opportunities be it buying or selling, please contact me!

Trains, peanuts, buffalo…oh my! Giddings TX

Yesterday I went to show a beautiful gentleman’s ranch I have listed in Ledbetter just a few miles outside of Giddings TX. As I was driving through town I got the idea to take a few pictures that I could share, images of Giddings, that might portray a bit of what the City was all about. On my way back to the office I took a little time to drive around the City with my camera. I could have stayed all day taking fun photos! Made me definitely want a better camera and better photographic skills but here are a few images that got my attention.

Giddings is located in Lee County and is nestled between Houston – 100 miles, San Antonio – 120 miles, and Austin – 48 miles and is the county seat at the intersection of Hwy 290 and Hwy 77. The population of Giddings is about 5800.


Who would have thought about peanuts and Giddings Texas? The Lee County Peanut Mill is one of the oldest peanut mills in the southwest locals say. There is a long growing season in the Lee County area almost 270+ days with average rainfall approx 35″ and the elevation is around 454 ft.


Giddings is the Home of the Buffalos. Not the big hairy beast that used to roam the plains, but the Giddings High School Football Team. Giddings is not afraid to show it’s pride and you can’t miss it when you come in to town as they have dedicated the face of a huge water storage tank on each end of town to showing their spirit!


One of the fun things in Giddings is to read the advertisements that are painted on the older buildings. Orsag’s Furniture store has a big one that is dedicated to Bull Durham ( unfortunately it is for a premium non smoking tobacco ( ICK!) and not the movie with Kevin Costner which was oh so good!)


Another building sign asks you to “come on board” in Giddings showing their hospitality and their pride in the strong ties they have to the rail road.


Both the San Antonio and Aransas lines converge in Giddings. The rail service played a big part in the development of the Giddings area. The old train station is now a history museum and is well worth a visit.


Giddings can be very proud of it’s courthouse. Built in 1878 it actually burnt down and was replaced in 1899 with the beautiful building you see today.

If you would like to learn more about the  City of Giddings and the real estate market be it buying or selling please give me a call.  I would love to help you.