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It is that time of year again! The Fall Antiques show!

It’s that time of the year again! The end of summer brings some relief from the Central Texas heat with some cooler temperatures and even a few showers.  It also brings the Fall Antique show.  For those of you who have not attended one, it is overwhelmingly big.  It basically stretches from SH 71 in LaGrange up through Warrenton and Round Top to SH 290.

To help those of you who have never experienced it here are some links to show how big it is.  Also going to feature some shopping stops but there is so much there is no way to feature it all which you will see when you watch the Fly Over video.  So here is a list of some YouTube videos to help you get an idea of what happens here for two weeks in the fall, and then again two weeks in the spring!

Here is a video on how to shop and what to expect when you get here!

And some videos so you can see some of the many shops and areas up and down the road you can stop at!  Keep in mind you can’t see this all in one day, or even two or three.  That is one of the reasons we all go back year after year, it is never the same and there are always amazing finds to see and buy!

One of the traditions that have come out of this antique extravaganza is the Gypsy Prom held at Zapp Hall the last Thursday of the show.  From what I understand this started when the ladies at the Junk Gypsy decided that there were just so many wonderful old prom dresses needing a new life.  The original theme was to play dress up in an old prom dress and to Texify it.  Over the years it has become quite an event.  I have my “prom” dress ready to go for this year’s prom date of October 4th. Check it out!


I live in Fayetteville TX which is about ten minutes from all of this and I am a Career Realtor.  I help Buyers and Sellers with rural residential, farm and ranch, historic and vintage homes, and even help with properties that are live on with business space up front developed or undeveloped.  If you are looking for a Realtor to help you with property in Warrenton, Round Top, Fayetteville, La Grange, , Fayette County, or surrounding counties, please give me a call Five One Two Seven Four Three Zero Five One Six or Contact Me.  I would love to help you!Deb

Happy Antiquing!

First and Second Level Reiki

Recently I received my First and Second Level Reiki of the Usui Method of Natural Healing with some amazing women and our Instructor Karina Ruttar -of Divine Messages   Each day I practice my new healing technique through meditation and prayer on some of my close friends and family members. I have learned how to heal long distance without having to be hands on.  I am also applying these techniques to my horses, dogs and cats.   I will be posting more as I progress in my studies. Reiki Principles

Boy did we get some rain or what?

The rain started on Friday the 24th.  Here is the Weather Bug map that I pulled up.  Fayetteville was right in the thick of things!  We got a total of 10 plus inches from Friday to this morning…which by the way is a beautiful sunny day.  Large rains like this are not uncommon and with the El Nino weather pattern we may see more this fall and winter which is fine with me as I want us to crawl out of our drought status!

Fayetteville getting rain
Fayetteville getting rain

The ponds were overflowing on Saturday as you can see in these pictures I took driving Sunday from Fayetteville on FM 159 to a showing I had at one of my ranch listings  in Red Rock Texas!20151024_143800 20151024_143538 20151024_143519 20151024_143349 20151024_143329 20151024_143305 20151024_143255 20151024_143229It was a wet weekend for sure.  Loved every second of it.  But glad to see the sun today.  And all of these pastures went to brilliant green in those three days!  Gotta love Texas!


Fayette County Recycle Center | La Grange Texas

If you are looking for a recycle center in Fayette County you will find it in La Grange at 210 Svoboda Lane.  Open Tuesday – Saturday.  Hours vary but generally open at 7 am daily.   When I was there this week to drop off the collection of wire hangers that we inherited with our historic home in Fayetteville I met Donald who was there coordinating drop offs  – what a nice man!  So informative, and helpful, and happy! Donald showed me around the place and gave me a hand out that identified all of the items that can be recycled there.

Here is a short list for reference (This is just an overview.  Please call the Recycle Center directly at 979-968-8446 for any questions you may have):

Newspapers, telephone books, magazines, cardboard, paper, plastics  PET and HDPE, glass, steel food cans, aluminum cans, motor oil.transmission fluid, scrap metal, aluminum wire, old tin, lawn mowers, oil filters ( .50 per filter ) , antifreeze ( up to 5 gallon container max ) , refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners ( 25.00 fee to remove the freon ), dishwashers, washing machines, hot water heaters, stoves ( 10.00 fee to remove elements and motors ), and solid waste( in FAYETTE COUNTY bags purchased at 2.00 each. )

There are also public collection stations located in Fayetteville at 8000 Columbus Hall Lane, Flatonia at 341 I -10 Frontage Road, Round Top at 600 Huenefeld Lane, Schulenburg at 135 FM 2672, Ledbetter at the Fireman’s Hall, Carmine at the Municipal Building, and Ellinger at the Chamber of Commerce Hall.  These locations all have very specific days and times for drop off so please call the Recycle Center directly for questions at 979-968-8446.