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Helping Rick Moninger replace the home he lost in the Hidden Pines fire

Approximately 60 homes were lost in the Hidden Pines fire in Bastrop County last week.  One of those homes was Rick Moninger’s.  Rick’s home was lost the first day.  Rick had enough time to load his three dogs in to his truck and leave.  Everything he had was lost.  Rick was building his home little by little as he could afford it. His plan was to have a home without a mortgage when he retired in a few years.  The home was about 60 percent complete but it didn’t have a standard roof yet, just a yurt like canvas roof.  This made his home uninsurable.  We have started a gofundme to help raise funds to buy Rick a “container” home from Campco Texas.  Here is the link to the the page.  If you would like to help Rick any amount will be helpful.  Thank you in advance


Smithville Recycling Center – What you can and can’t drop off!

Today was my day to recycle. Out in the county here in Bastrop we don’t have regular recyle pick up so I have a system in my garage where I sort and store items to recycle and I drive in to Smithville’s recycleing center about once a month. Here is a pictorial overview of the things you can and can’t drop off there. Today I took in my aluminum cans, cardboard, and my #1 and #2 plastics!

Selling Client Testimonial about Deb Dahlberg Rowland Realtor

One of the things I like to do is provide my Selling Clients with a copy of their settlement statement at tax time. Generally that is around April but some of us get extensions ,as this Selling Client of mine did, and he requested a copy of it yesterday. I had it in my file and got it to him lickity split when I received his email request. When he emailed me back he also included this testimonial he encouraged me to post on my website.

“As an out-of-state investor, Deb’s listing agent services were invaluable. I had been with a big-name chain of “local experts” — who didn’t know the area and didn’t do the work. Deb jumped in and got my place in Smithville sold!”

That was so sweet of him to provide. My response is ” Thank you, Michael C! I really appreciated the opportunity to list and sell your Smithville property! ”

If you or anyone else you know are looking to buy or sell property in the Smithville area of Bastrop County Texas please call me, I would love to help you and I love referrals!

Deb Dahlberg Rowland | Sky Realty | 512-754-0516



Indian Lake info and photos January 2011

This afternoon I took a spin through Indian Lake to check on a friend’s lease property. Although it was a cloudy day the lake was really pretty. Looks like the homeowners association is getting pretty active. While driving through I did see some properties on the lake for sale. Now would be the time to purchase before the spring and summer months are here again. If you are interested in seeing properties for sale in Indian Lake give me a call. I would be happy to show them to you.

Images of Smithville Texas

Here are a couple of photos I took while I was out working in the Smithville area. Smithville is a great little town located Southeast of Austin about 38 miles, just a few minutes past Bastrop on Hwy 71. It is a quaint town and has lots to offer from a historic downtown and residential district, parks for dogs and kids with skateboards, shopping on Main Street for Antiques and Art ( Smithville is becoming an Artists haven!), the Colorado River, and so much more!

If you are looking for a Realtor who appreciates Smithville and all it has to offer, to either buy real estate or sell a property in the Smithville area please contact me, I would love to help you!

Smithville has a Bark Park!

This weekend I took my dog Edsel with me to change out some real estate signs and put out some flyers and we made a slight detour in to Smithville to see the new Bark Park. We have been to the Bark Parks in Bastrop and the one on Riverside in Central Austin and enjoyed them both. Smithville has done a great job and their Bark Park is really nice and user friendly!

The Smithville Bark Park is located across the street from the Skate Park and right behind the community center is has a section for small dogs and larger dogs. There is an agility course in each section as well as nice water and “poop” stations. Young trees have been planted which will provide lovely shade for the summer months and there is a picnic bench with umbrella too!

My husband and I have had quite a few dogs over the years that have always been a part of our family! There are benefits as well as challenges in dog ownership! I know many of you dog owners understand what I mean! If you are looking to Buy or Sell real estate as a dog owner and want to work with a Realtor who understands please contact me, I would love to help you!

Take a peek at this short video I prepared and see how nice the Smithville Bark Park is!

Smithville has a recyle center

Smithville has a recycling center on Hwy 95 just past the bridge over the Colorado River, across from Brookshire’s. Run by the City the center handles news paper and magazines, cardboard and paper feed bags, plastics # 1 and #2, auto batteries, aluminum and steel cans, waste oil.

Pumpkin Patch in Smithville

As a little girl I remember my parents loading my brother and I up into the family car and we would drive about 2o minutes from our home in Golden Valley out to the countryside every fall to a big pumpkin patch. This was a big outing for both of us and every year we made it a competition to find the best pumpkin in the patch. We would run around in the brisk fall air with ruddy cheeks trying to out do one another! My parents were very patient with us and we would hunt through every pumpkin in the patch until we found “the one”.

As I drove through Smithville the other day I noticed that the Pumpkin Patch was in place on 5th at the corner. I stopped to take a picture to post and all of those memories came flooding back to me. Come on out to Smithville and make your own fall memories!

Pumpkin Patch in Smithville