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Buyer Testimonial | Land purchase

Buyer Testimonial | Land purchase – a happy Client of mine!

“I was looking for my first piece of land as a city dweller to build a %100 off grid green home and had no idea where to start looking for the right person. Someone who was not just looking to move a piece of land, but really get to know what I wanted to do with it. After seeing Deb had her own land and managed her OWN horses I knew I had the right person. Deb took no time in showing not only the properties that matched what I said I wanted to see, but also what she knew I should consider. If you are looking for someone who appreciates Texas for the land and what you can do with it Deb is your person. Working with her was a real pleasure.” Emory at Apple

Emory – thanks for giving me the opportunity to help you find your spot! It was a pleasure! If you are looking for a Realtor to work with to buy or sell land in Bastrop, Caldwell, Lee, Fayette, or Gonzales counties, or in the greater Austin area please call me! 512-743-0516! Deb


Thanks for the testimonial!

As a career Realtor I have found over the years that the best forms of advertising I can get as a Buyers Agent or a Sellers Agent is word of mouth referrals and testimonials.

A few weeks ago I met with a young couple looking for a few acres they could invest in now, to improve slowly over the years, with the plan to have an eco friendly and sustainable property to retire on in the future. I have enjoyed working with this young couple and their kids. It has been an education for all of us, me sharing what I know about the process of investing in real estate and what is available for them to consider and learning about what their future plans, hopes and dreams. A true partnership built on communication and trust between Buyers Agent and Client is the perfect recipe for finding the perfect property!

A real estate investment like this couple is going to make can potentially be the biggest and best investments of their lives. That is a big responsibility. It is my job to educate the Buyers that I work with about the real estate process and about all of the property choices that they may have – not just to “car salesmen” them into making a purchase after seeing only a few properties.

Thank you Sarah and Tony for the nice testimonial! Now lets go look at some more land!

Bastrop Producers Market | Sustainable and organic foods

Located on the feeder road on the south side of Highway 71 in Cedar Creek in Bastrop County the Bastrop Producers Market offers sustainable and organic foods along with hand made items, local baked goods, pastured meats, soaps and skin care, free range egs, and local seasonal fruits and veggies. This is a new kind of Farmers Market located indoors and it is open Tuesday through Fridays from 11 am to 6pm , Saturday from 9a m to 6pm and Sunday from Noon to 5pm. I stopped in this week and picked up organic apple cider vinegar, some fresh beets, and carrots. They even have organic chicken scratch. Next trip I am going to try their local pork and buffalo. There is going to be a Holistic Health Fair there on May 7th. Mark your calendar and check it out.


Bluebonnet Electric moving towards more sustainable energy

Living in Bastrop County it has felt like we ve just been a bit behind the times living in Austin’s green and eco friendly shadow, but I recently learned that Bluebonnet Electric Coop which serves this area, has been quietly doing a lot of work and research to address energy needs in a proactive and sustainable way.

Bluebonnet Electric has a trademarked their Sustainable Grid program which details how they are looking at the present and future needs of the areas they serve which includes Bastrop. They recognize that this area between Austin, Houston, and San Antonio. is no longer just a community on the Highways in between the big cities, but a big energy user base that is constantly growing.

Recently they have adopbed a net metering policy and will be actively involved the local economic development of the area. Bluebonnet will be proactively discussing the concepts and systems that can be implemented to create a partnership with new subdivisions and new industry which would move those new consuemer from a position of just being an energy demand to a potential partner in the creation of shared sustainable energy. It is easier financially to put energy saving or energy creating systems in place from the beginning rather than trying to retrofit after the fact.

Right now any customer of Bluebonnet Electric Coop can choose to use green – sustainable – renewable energy by participating in the Bluebonnet Green Rate on their existing accounts. This participation is a bit more expensive than the already established electric rate, they say by about $.005 per KW . As it is explained if a customer uses 1000 KW of service it would be approximately $5.00 more per month. There is no fee to switch, no length of term agreement to do this, a customer can call and change to the Green Rate and it will become effective the next billing cycle, and can always call and cancel to have the billing rate dropped back down to the established rate. The energy that is purchased comes from outside of Ft. Stockton from the Delaware Mountain and Indian Mesa wind farms.