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Lost Pines Nature Trails |on the Colorado River | in Tahitian Village

Yesterday I drove through Tahitian Village to get to the Lost Pine Nature Trails that is along the Colorado River below Tahitian Village. This is a public park area down on Riverside Drive that offers access to the Colorado River for canoeing and kayaking and hiking, biking, and ADA trails. It is a beautiful 30 acre tract of land that adjoins the 60 acre wetland and riparian habitat. Both are beautiful to enjoy all year long. Personally I like them in the winter months the best! I had not been down their since the recent Bastrop Complex Fire and had my fingers crossed that they had not been destroyed. I was overjoyed to find that they were untouched. See pictures of both the Nature Trails and the Land Trust below.

Tahitian Village was one of the areas that was hard hit in the recent Bastrop Complex Fire with many homes lost, but there is a lot of activity and healing going on and it looked like most all of the homes that were lost have been leveled to the slab. Some have even had slabs removed and are starting to reconstruct.

Lost Pines Nature Trail Photos

Pines and Prairie Land Trust Photos


Bastrop County Historical Museum

Over the holidays I went to see the Bastrop County Historical Museum for the first time. Has taken me this long to get caught up enough to share how cool it is! It is like walking in to the past! Lots of information on the people who settle Bastrop and the surrounding areas in Bastrop County. Great historical items to look at. And wonderful facts about what life and commerce was like back then. Well worth the visit and the small donation.

Images of Bastrop Texas

I was out making my rounds putting flyers into my info boxes on my listings the other day and it was so beautiful out! I took a few pictures of the Bastrop area to share. If you are looking for a dedicated Realtor who lives and works in Bastrop and the surrounding areas please contact me, I would love to help you!

Riverside Dog Park in Austin

Since we have a deaf puppy we can’t let him play at some of the dog friendly parks in Austin as he needs to be confined by a fence, at least until he is trained sufficiently. So we are big fans of fenced dogs parks! There is one inBastrop and now one in Smithville, but for a change we like to drive in to Austin to the Dog Park on Riverside.

Located on Riverside Drive in Central Austin right next to I-35, the park is fenced and cross fenced, with water and poop stations, varying terrain, bushes, trees, it is a popular spot for Austonians to bring their dogs for some R & R. I am always amazed at how well all the dogs get along. I guess it is because it isn’t anyones “yard” to protect.

There are two sections one for small dogs and one for large dogs although we see some pretty “big” small dogs running around in the larger area.

Make sure to have your dog current on shots and in a collar. Dog Park etiquette says if your dog is bothering other dogs or dog owners it is time for you to head home. One day our pup was just fascinated with an older dog and just kept wanting to play so we packed it up and ended his play day when we couldn’t divert his attention.

All in all the Riverside Dog Park is an awesome place to take your dogs! Here are some pictures of the park I took when we were there. If you or anyone you know is looking for a Realtor who owns dogs and understands the needs of dog owners please contact me!

Bastrop has a nice dog park

If you are a dog owner, live in Bastrop, and you want an opportunity to socialize your dog and give him or her an opportunity to get out and run and play in a safe environment – visit the Bastrop Dog Park. Located on Grady Tuck Drive it opened this last year.

Although I have a large fenced yard for my dog my husband and I like to take him to local dog parks. We love taking him in to the Austin dog park on Riverside but with time being an issue yesterday I took our deaf puppy Edsel to the Bastrop park.

It is conveniently located and has a large dog and small dog section. Built around some mature trees there is plenty of shade for dogs and owners with a couple of park benches. The area is all grass with crushed gravel walkways and there are water fountains for humans and canines both. There are “waste” receptacle too.

When we were there we had the park to ourselves for about fifteen minutes and then two cute small dogs and their owners showed up and the dogs could race and play along the divided fence line.

Bob Bryant Park in Bastrop

Bob Bryant park is nestled behind the Riverside Grove subdivision in Bastrop. It is a city maintained park that offers a playground, tennis court, basket ball court, baseball diamond, and a picnic area and restrooms. This is just one of the perks of living in Riverside Grove or The Enclave at Riverside Grove.

Pumpkin Patch in Smithville

As a little girl I remember my parents loading my brother and I up into the family car and we would drive about 2o minutes from our home in Golden Valley out to the countryside every fall to a big pumpkin patch. This was a big outing for both of us and every year we made it a competition to find the best pumpkin in the patch. We would run around in the brisk fall air with ruddy cheeks trying to out do one another! My parents were very patient with us and we would hunt through every pumpkin in the patch until we found “the one”.

As I drove through Smithville the other day I noticed that the Pumpkin Patch was in place on 5th at the corner. I stopped to take a picture to post and all of those memories came flooding back to me. Come on out to Smithville and make your own fall memories!

Pumpkin Patch in Smithville

Bastrop Riverwalk

Bastrop has a beautiful river walk along the Colorado River between the Old Iron Bridge ( Chestnut/150 Loop and the current Hwy 71 bridge. It is about a one mile walk between the Ferry Park located on Water Street and Fishermans Park which is located at the end of Farm Street. This riverwalk was constructed around 1998 and dedicated to J. Pape. There is ample parking at Fisherman’s Park but limited parking along Water Street. During the Christmas Holiday the river walk is decorated and very pretty to walk at night but is always a great walk any time of the year!

McKinney Falls in Travis County

If you are looking for a great day trip or a place to camp for a weekend and you don’t want to leave the Austin area consider visiting McKinney Falls State Park. Originally a thoroughbred horse and cattle ranch for one of Austin’s “old 300” Thomas McKinney in the mid 1800’s it is now a wonderful hidden gem not 15 minutes from the State Capital building!

Onion Creek follows along an old lava flow and the water flow has carved out some beautiful falls into some large natural water pools and are beautiful when flowing and fresh during the wetter months of the year.

The remnants of the original homestead and trainer’s home are still standing in the park and can be viewed from existing hiking trails. There are campsites along the creek and it is managed as a Texas State Park.

This is one of the spots that my husband and I visit during the summer for a quick dip in the pools to cool off when we aren’t working. And speaking of working, if you are looking for a Realtor who enjoys the outdoors as much as she enjoys her real estate business – working with both Buyers and Sellers in Bastrop and surrounding counties – please contact me, I would love to work with you.