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Bastrop County Historical Museum

Over the holidays I went to see the Bastrop County Historical Museum for the first time. Has taken me this long to get caught up enough to share how cool it is! It is like walking in to the past! Lots of information on the people who settle Bastrop and the surrounding areas in Bastrop County. Great historical items to look at. And wonderful facts about what life and commerce was like back then. Well worth the visit and the small donation.

It’s time to think about your fall landscaping and gardening

With fall officially here and with these beautiful first days of cooler weather we are enjoying, it is time to think about fall landscaping and winter gardens. This cooler weather not only lures people out into their yards, it also brings out real estate Buyers and Sellers!
As a Seller it is a great time to spruce up your lawns, shrubs, flower beds, and vegetable gardens if your property is on the market or if you are preparing to market your home. Curb appeal is King! As a Buyer fall is a great time to shop for property in the cooler weather. With Sellers working on their yards and landscaping this fall , Buyers will enjoy the lush green lawns and winter flowers that are being planted at many of the homes for sale here in Bastrop and surrounding areas.
This weekend I mulched my gardens and trees with manure and shavings that I have stockpiled over the summer. I build a raised base of the composted materials at the base of my trees ( young and old ).
I also started my new raised vegetable garden that I will be putting into a big old watering trough that I no longer can use for my horses ( it leaks!). I am putting down gravel at the base and then a mulch fill I buy in bulk, and then I will top it with about 8-10 inches of top soil for my my winter veggies.
One of the benefits my Buying and Selling Clients receive working with me is a small discount program that I participate in with Lowe’s as a participating Realtor. Yesterday morning I spent a couple of hours sending out discount coupons from Lowes to my Clients to use for products and services they might need for their landscaping, gardening, or other home improvement projects they might be working on.
If you are in need of an experience Realtor, who likes to garden, or if you know of anyone else who may be in need of Realtor services be it buying or selling, please contact me.